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Why You Might Chose Cremation

If you are planning your funeral or getting ready to attend someone else's, you may be wondering what will happen. There are many different types of funeral services and cremation is on the rise in popularity as of late. More and more people want to be cremated when they pass away. Being prepared for what happens during the process of cremation might help you process your loss. According to Statista, there were 19,177 funeral homes in the U.S. in 2019 --that's a lot of options to choose from. Research your local funeral homes and see what services they offer to help you in your decision.

Types of Funeral Services

There are different types of funeral services. This decision can be planned with your family ahead of time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want at your funeral service.

  • Traditional Funeral Service: This is what many people are used to when attending a funeral. A public viewing and funeral service is normally a couple of days after the death. You can decide on where the funeral service is held. Once the funeral service is finished, the cremated remains can be buried like a casket, scattered across grounds, or returned to the family for personal possession.
  • Memorial Service: This is where the body of the deceased is not there, only the urn that is holding the ashes of the person. Memorial services sometimes take weeks or months after the death, but the cremation still takes place a few days afterward. After the service, the family of the deceased again can decide whether or not they want to bury, scatter, or take home the ashes of their loved one.
  • Direct Cremation: This is a simple service where the body is cremated and the family receives the remains. There is no funeral involved in this type of funeral service.

An Important Decision

Choosing what you want to happen to your body after you die is a sad thought, but it is an important decision to make after you get older. You can discuss this decision with your family to get their opinions and hear what they might suggest. If you have a meaningful place where you want to rest, you can tell your family that you want your ashes scattered there. On the other hand, if you just want your burial to be simple, you can choose to have your ashes buried or given to your family to bring home. It is all up to you.

Cremation is a great choice because of its flexibility. Being cremated allows your loved ones to keep you closer when you're gone, and doesn't require them to make special trips to visit your grave. There are also so many ways that loved ones can memorialize you with the ashes, in jewelry, planted as a tree, or even just a traditional urn. If you'd like to learn more about cremation or our other services, call us today. We would be honored to work with you.

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